There are people who we hold dear. Special people whom our present and future depend on. Mothers, fathers and babies. They are the final recipients of all our efforts. We work every day to help the health and wellbeing of children and consequently, the serenity of mothers.
Quality and safety today, for tomorrow’s growth. This is always a good formula with BUONA. For our products. Our children. Our country.


Our values also include the absolute will to remain an entirely Italian brand. Buona wants to be synonymous with Made in Italy. Three words that all around the world mean: quality, culture and excellence. Favouring this choice, rather than pursuing the short-term economic advantages linked to offshoring, in fact, allows for a better present thanks to:
- better food safety with stricter and more thorough checks at all stages of the production chain, from the field to the table
- the protection of biodiversity, the territory and the support of our food traditions, the result of the particular geographical position and the Mediterranean climate
- labour protection, with qualified and regulated personnel.
But the advantages are not limited to today. In fact, an Italian supply chain product increases the GDP of our country and allows its medium and long-term development.


Caring for the environment: reducing pollution, maintaining soil fertility, biodiversity of flora and fauna and animal welfare. Producing and transforming raw materials in a compatible way with the environment (less consumption of energy and water, with no fertilisers and pesticides). Being socially equitable, guaranteeing greater profitability for producers and increasing food safety in developing countries. Improving the nutritional quality of food and excluding GMOs and nanotechnology products from the supply chain; ensuring better nutritional qualities and organoleptic properties of ORGANIC products compared to conventional ones.
To be certified organic, a product must consist of at least 95% certified organic ingredients and this also applies to infant formula: in addition to the main ingredient, fresh cow's milk, vegetable oils, maltodextrins and lactose must also be entirely organic ingredients.


It must only come from selected, certified and controlled organic farms:
- RUSTIC COW BREEDS and typical of the territory, more resistant than those selected.
- ORGANIC FERTILISATION with manure; crop rotation that guarantees soil fertility and reduces damage to the ecosystem.
- VEGETABLE FORAGE AND ORGANIC CEREALS to feed the animals, produced exclusively by the company itself or by organic farms in the same region, grown without chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides; no animal (responsible for BSE and mad cow disease) or GMO-derived meals are used. Growth stimulants are prohibited.
- ORGANIC PASTURE: every animal grazes freely in predefined areas (the number of animals depends on the available area of terrain).
- LESS DRUGS because in organic farms, antibiotics are used for curative purposes only, and preventive prophylaxis is prohibited.


For us, quality comes first, and for this reason we only use FRESH WHOLE MILK for our BBmilk. This choice ensures that our milk is processed within 48 hours and is RICH in FAT, which is useful for promoting the baby's adequate nutritional growth. Furthermore, we know how important a good taste is to encourage the child to like it, which is why, after in-depth studies and research by our Research and Development team, we have put together formulas with excellent palatability.
Our BBmilk has less added sugar and is good because it tastes like MILK!